That I don t even set off the gaydars of

I don't like the Beckhams but I don't believe that Derek bats for the other side, not for one minute do I believe that. Maya 5 years ago Report. Treat yourself this holiday. Why do they think that I'm gay?? Welcome to the Digital Spy forums.

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  • The following day, after having my gay friend over for a bit, my mom told me "You know, she's cute. Also, I hate 'gay-dars'--And 'trans-dars'.
  • Some researchers believe that accuracy could potentially be even higher in the real world, where people usually have more cues and information to go off of compared to lab studies.
  • The whole thing was horrible.
  • Stereotyping is ignorance compounded by insistence. Making instantaneous judgements is a valuable skill.
  • I seem to have this "doesn't apply to me" aura.
  • I suppose this article is addressing sexually stereotypical gay people then more so than the general public.
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Alert moderator Son of Zaky: 08 Sep pm "The study, done by researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, challenges the gaydar myth by showing that people can't pick who is gay or straight based on looking at photos Assuming that no one cares and it is not any of your business in any case.

Blokes who dress nicely, have a hair style no, not just shaved apparently and talk politely, are gay. I'm pretty sure my entire soccer team thought I was a lesbian, because of some offhand comments I made about not seeing the appeal in men or something like that. Now we're dating!

That I don t even set off the gaydars of
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