Study on open relationships among long- term gay male couples

The Jour-nal of Men's Studies. Partners in both types of relationships were more similar to each other than different from each other, especially on the variables of Relationship Quality, a belief in Partner Changeability, and Dyadic Attachment. What works for men in long-term relationships?

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  • Perspectives on Psychological Science. Age-related risk for HIV infection in men who have sex with men: Examination of behavioral, relationship, and serostatus variables.
  • Monogamish men did not differ from any of the groups with regard to sex under the influence of illicit drugs. Marital status, marital transitions, and health: A gendered life course perspective.
  • Burden of psychiatric morbidity among lesbian, gay, and bisexual individuals in the California Quality of Life Survey.
  • Reducing concurrent sexual partnerships among Blacks in the rural southeastern United States: Development of narrative messages for a radio campaign. There is very little research comparing the psychological health of partnered versus single gay and bisexual men.
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  • Sample characteristics, including differences by relationship structure, are included in Table 1. Our respondents were of varied ethnicities.
  • Some "played" independently, others as a threesome, and about 80 percent agreed to tell all or some details of their encounters, the rest preferring a "don't ask, don't tell" policy. Specifically, it is important that both partners perceive relatively equal benefit to the non-monogamous relationship Hosking, a and that the agreements surrounding extra-dyadic sex are upheld Hosking, b.
  • G J Wagner. No significant differences were found in the quality of open versus closed relationships.
  • On average, the longer-term couples began to consider themselves non-monogamous about seven years into the relationship. A few respondents mentioned greater acceptance by family or greater respect from friends or the community at large.
  • This study examined whether relationship quality, dispositional jealousy, and attitudes towards monogamy were associated with gay men's satisfaction with the agreements they have in their relationships about extra-dyadic sex. With additional research funding, Hoff is working with colleagues at Emory University in Atlanta to study the effect of counseling to encourage boyfriends to go together for HIV testing.

Table 2 Psychological and sexual decision making outcomes across relationship arrangement. Please review our privacy policy. Abstract Researchers have documented the psychological and physical health benefits of being in a relationship among heterosexuals, although there has been limited research to examine such benefits among gay and bisexual men.

Several studies have utilized empirical research with nonmonogamous and monogamous communities to debunk negative stereotypes. Age was significantly associated with the odds of alcohol use during sex; HIV status was not. Future efforts to better understand the varied types of gay male non-monogamous relationships should be both longitudinal, to explore the evolution of relationship arrangements e.

Study on open relationships among long- term gay male couples
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