Gay bowel syndrome was a medical term first used by

This article has been rated as Start-Class on the project's quality scale. Borchardt; Michael A. Klamen writes regarding Scarces' book the following: "Its use of vulgar language, ribald poetry, and the author's personal sexual details might cause healthcare professionals making an initial foray into gay men's health issues to cringe.

Because of this massive awareness, a new culture of safe sex was resonating within the gay community. Within the same decade, in , Henry L.

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New York: Hawthorne Press, : Reported causes include herpes viruses , syphilis , gonorrhea , chlamydia , campylobacter , and shigellosis , as well as a variety of protozoal infections. In , a homosexual activist got the Canadian Association of Gastroenterology CAG to deleted any reference to gay bowel syndrome from its medical textbook.

Sohn, JG Robilotti Jr. Klausner, Robert Kohn, and Charlotte Kent reported in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases the following: " Proctitis , or inflammation of the rectum, is a condition that is not uncommon among men who have sex with men MSM , and, in HIV-negative men, greatly increases the risk of acquiring HIV infection.

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Gay bowel syndrome was a medical term first used by
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