For a single gay male over the age of 40

Why Gay Men & Women Fear Aging

Major Fail journalism! Still, even Clooney was once briefly married. I know I am generalising and exaggerating but the gay media is so vapid and so rarely shows any kind of bravery it makes me sick. Is it 25?

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For a single gay male over the age of 40

Again, I would welcome suggestions on how I can find peace at 58 and not suffer the pain of trying to fit into a community seems increasing hostile. On weekends we take turns at each other's home. I will be 50 next year and I am scared, I don't want to get old on my own, so I have been looking into gay community living, I read another article which said something about finding a purpose, well one of my purposes has always been to make others happy, again I forgot about me..

This is very timely for me. So perhaps we were vulnerable to some of the dark sides of gay male life, namely, its overemphasis on looks, youth, and sexual attractiveness at the cost of healthier and life sustaining values that can assist us as we age.

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For a single gay male over the age of 40
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