Being gay is often tough as it is

The May issue of Psychological Medicine found significant linkage between gay sexual orientation and genes on the pericentromeric chromosome eight and chromosome Xq Being gay is who we are, not how we live. Sabio Active Member. It's draining and damaging to mental health to live a lie.

His ego is hurt. In some ways, it was the best response I could have hoped for — understanding and non-judgmental. For many God is just another excuse to impose hate on certain groups of people.

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  • She explained that these sorts of feelings were normal for a child reaching puberty, and that as I got older I would "work things out".
  • We now look back at those times with pity.
  • Mister Emu Emu Extraordinaire. Do we want kids?
Being gay is often tough as it is

Book Category Asia portal. In , the Indonesian Government gave Aceh province the right to introduce Islamic sharia laws which criminalizes homosexuality, albeit only to Muslim residents. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In Indonesia, where religion plays a dominant role in society, and where almost 90 percent of the population are Muslim , homosexuality is not punishable by national law , but condemnation of homosexuality has been voiced by many religious leaders, not only Islamic.

It is likely that today warok-gemblakan ritual relationships survive and are practiced, but are undertaken by far more secretive means. The Bugis people of South Sulawesi divide their society into five separate genders.

Being gay is often tough as it is
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